Monday, December 22, 2008

We've drank the Koolaide!!!

Greetings! I have no idea about how to blog so please be patient with me. So I will start with a short summary of the past 3 years.

Year 1 Pete and I got married. Pete and I met in San Jose, CA while I was teaching. Most of you know the story so I won't give the details but if you are curious please email me and I love to tell how God led us together. We got married 6 months and 1 day from the day we met. We stayed in Monterey, CA while Pete was finishing his masters degree. We went on a cruise to Mexico for Pete's graduation present.

Year 2-3 We moved to Crofton, MD and got our first baby... Prince Krypto Madson, a beautiful German Shepherd. We thought we would practice having kids on a puppy first. I started teaching at Capitol Christian Academy.We were able to travel all over. We went to Italy for our 2nd anniversary and were able to explore all of the places every girl dreams of!

It was a dream come true..

Moving forward we lived and worked for two years in Maryland and traveled a bunch on the side. We went on a Cruise to the Caribbean where I went snorkeling with stingrays... it was scary... I stepped on one... And it was right after the Steve Irwin thing... I was scared... Pete was very brave....

We had other grand adventures but it would take forever to catch you up on all of them.

We knew we were going to move back to California in October so while I was visiting family in Dixon I found a little pop up camper for a reasonable price. We decided it would be fun to camp across country. We started out in MO visiting Pete's sister and then it was off to the west! We saw Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, and much much more...

I'll have to upload pics from that part later...

We arrived in Santa Maria, CA and Pete started his new job. I'm taking this year off to get my diabetes in order so that we can start a family. God has been so good to us! I keep telling Pete whe he says we have it pretty good that we are "overly blessed"!

I will try to keep up with this if you are on facebook check Pete and I out!

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  1. yeah madson's!
    welcome to the blogging world.
    we're not brave enough to join the facebook crowd yet, but it's fun to be blogging buddies now.

    you're doing fine as a first time blogger. i don't think you have to stick to any sort of rules for this stuff anyway. it's just a fun way to keep up with everybodies and anybodies.